Reselling FAQ

Information for Resellers


Can I become an authorized reseller?

Yes, if your major business is reselling IT products to your customers.

The reselling process in simple. After the initial setup, you can sell our products completely by yourself. You do not have to contact us for quotes, invoices, or licenses: it can all be done automatically through our purchase system. This approach saves time and helps you deliver products to your customers quickly.

Note: If you represent a consultancy firm that uses our components to develop solutions for your customers, you are not eligible for a reseller discount. Only companies who specialize in software retail are eligible for a reseller discount.


How do I become an authorized reseller?

If you have a customer who needs to purchase Aspose products through you, you can become an authorized reseller:

  1. Create an account on on our website. This account is used for our forums, purchase and reseller systems.
  2. Log in.
  3. Email with brief information about your business and why you need to become an authorized Aspose reseller.
  4. Our staff will review your request. If it is accepted, you must list Aspose, GroupDocs and Conholdate products on your website, agree to our Reseller Policy and you will be given a discount rate.
  5. You are now able to place orders for your customers.


How do I request a reseller quote?

You do not have to. As an authorized reseller, you will see your partner price for all of our products and pricing plans in the purchase system. Your discount is applied automatically.


What discount do you offer for resellers?

Resellers are provided with a 10% discount from retail price.


When ordering for my customer, do I have to enter my end user’s details?

Yes; you must enter your customer’s details as the shipping address and enter your details as the billing address when an order is placed. When your payment arrives and has been accepted, our purchase system automatically creates an account for your customer, using the details in the shipping address, and associates the license with that account. If your customer already has an account with us, the system will automatically associate the license with their username.


Do resellers help customers with technical support?

Unless explicitly requested by a customer, resellers may not seek technical support on behalf of their customer.

If a reseller is requested by a customer to seek technical support, that must be done via the support forums, not via any sales or business channel.


How do resellers pay?

All reseller orders must be paid by wire transfer. If you are an established reseller, then we encourage you to pay for all unpaid orders once per month after your monthly statement arrives. Credit card payments are no longer accepted for reseller orders under any circumstances.

If you are a new reseller, then you will be required to pay for your first three orders by wire transfer before the license file is released. Upon request, Aspose will send a temporary license to you, to send to your customer, before the permanent license is released.

For all established resellers, Aspose will send a billing statement at the beginning of each month that lists all unpaid orders. All orders must be paid for within 30 days after the date they are placed. If orders are not paid in a timely manner, then Aspose will charge interest on the overdue amount and require that any new orders be paid in advance by wire.


What happens when an order is successfully paid?

When a payment has been accepted, you will receive an email with details of the order and the invoice as a PDF file. You will also receive an email with the license file and how to apply it. It is your job to send the license file to your customer.


Can I have a signed Reseller Agreement?

No, simply by agreeing to be a Aspose Reseller you agree to our Reseller Policy. Like our self-service Product EULA, this helps us to stay efficient and Paper Free.

Note: Order details and license details are also available from the order section of the purchase system. You have access to the order information and price details; your customer has access to the license file, general information about the order such as order ID, and SKU. They do not have visibility of the price information.


For US resellers, how is tax applied to reseller orders?

For Reseller orders, the application of US sales tax is based on the location of the Reseller and not the location of the customer. If a valid reseller exemption certificate has not been supplied at the time of order, then US sales tax will automatically be applied to the order. Please contact us if you need to submit a new or updated reseller exemption certificate.