PO and PO Number

PO and PO Number

PO stands for Purchase Order. You may need to provide a PO to Aspose if you want to pay through wire transfer instead of a credit card. Some of our customers have asked us questions about POs:

  • What is a PO?
  • What is a PO number?
  • How do I create a PO?


What is a PO?

A purchase order is a document that states your company’s willingness to make a purchase.


What is a PO number?

A PO number can be any number defined by your company as long as it uniquely identifies your PO. Any number can work as a purchase order number: it doesn’t have to have a particular structure. In some companies a list of PO numbers is maintained by the finance department, in some they are allocated in some other way.


How do I create a PO?

As well as the unique PO number, a PO typically contains your company’s contact details, contact details for the person authorizing the purchase, the products or services you are buying, item prices, total price and so on. Most importantly is should contain key information required to place an order such as the product, platform, quantity and license type you require.

If your company has a PO template, simply complete it. It will ask for the relevant information. If your company doesn’t have a PO template you can find many example POs online.

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If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact our sales support who will be glad to assist.