Refund Policy


We want our customers to buy the right product so we provide comprehensive pre-sales support:

  • Free evaluation versions of our software so you can test that they will work for you.
  • Free fully functional temporary licenses to ensure the product works exactly as it would after a full purchase.
  • Full technical support for evaluations so that we can help you solve any problems you have before you buy.
  • Full access to documentation, video tutorials and forums to help you learn what you need to know quickly.

Still, every now and again, a customer asks for a refund. We do not promise refunds but consider each request as a special case, and we evaluate the circumstances and merits of each individual request.

We only consider refunds within 15 days of the transaction, anything beyond this will have to be discussed on a special case basis with our sales team.

We may refund:

  • A software license. We are reluctant to refund a purchase after the license or product has been downloaded.
  • Fraudulently bought software. We take steps to ensure that our licenses are not bought fraudulently, but if a stolen credit card is used to buy our software we will consider giving a refund.

We do not refund:

  • Software subscription renewals.
  • Support or support renewals.



If Aspose decides to issue a refund in any situation, including a return of an accidental double or overpayment, then we will deduct a) a $150 USD processing fee, and b) any fees incurred by Aspose on the original payment, such as: currency conversion losses and fees assessed by banks and/or payment networks. If Aspose decides to issue a credit and you are willing to accept the credit, then no fees will be deducted.


Request a Refund

To request a refund, please email our sales team with your order number and the reasons for the refund request.