Aspose Reseller Policy

Aspose Reseller Policy

Aspose grants approved resellers a 10% discount on sales of select products. Aspose will not approve a higher discount for any reseller for any reason.


All reseller orders must be paid by wire transfer. If you are a new reseller, then your first three orders must be paid by wire transfer in advance before the license file is released to you. Afterwards you will be considered an established reseller.

Established resellers will be sent a billing statement at the beginning of each month that contains a list of their unpaid orders. Aspose recommends that resellers use the monthly statement to send a single wire payment for all unpaid orders. Wire details are included at the bottom of invoices and the monthly statement. If the wire amount you send does not match the statement amount, then please send remittance information for your payment to

If orders are not paid in a timely manner, then Aspose will charge interest on the overdue amount and require that any new orders be paid in advance by wire.

Price Changes

Prices are subject to change upon notice by Aspose to Resellers. Aspose will announce price changes before they are made through the Reseller Newsletter. Resellers are obligated to ensure they can receive email communications from Aspose.

Customer Autonomy

Resellers agree that customers are free to choose between purchasing from a reseller or directly from Aspose for new orders or renewals of existing orders. If a reseller opts to no longer offer Aspose’s products, for any reason, they must refer customers to Aspose and fully cooperate with Aspose in connection therewith.

No Redistribution

Resellers may not act as a distributor. Resellers may not resell Aspose’s products to other resellers for further resale or redistribution.

Intellectual Property

Aspose grants resellers a limited license to use to our name, trademarks, logos, and other identifying information in their marketing materials and promotions for Aspose products, strictly for the purpose of promoting said products. This license explicitly prohibits the creation of “copycat” websites, excessive use, or any activity that may lead to confusion or misrepresentation of Aspose or its products.

Resellers must comply with our policies for using our intellectual property, and they must remove any unauthorized use when Aspose asks.