Software Escrow

Let Aspose help you protect your investment.

When you’ve invested in a product, it’s important to know that you can get support if there is a problem. But what if the company that provides the product goes out of business? Who will help you then? For an annual fee, Software escrow provides an extra layer of security and comfort for our customers. We put the source code for the products that you have bought with a third party. Should Aspose stop trading, that third party releases the source code to you. You now have what you need to continue developing the products yourself.

NCC Group Security Services, Inc is Aspose’s trusted partner for software escrow. NCC Group Security Services is an industry leader who manages thousands of escrow accounts for companies around the globe.

Aspose escrow guarantees access to the source code of a Aspose product (or product suite) in the case of insolvency, and does not include defect coverage.

Does Aspose sell source code?

No. We do not sell the source code for our products. We do offer software escrow services. All of our subscription options include free access to new releases and hot fixes for one year.

How to Purchase?

Software Escrow can be added to any Site OEM purchase for an additional annual fee. If your order contains a qualifying Site OEM product you will see the option to purchase Escrow on the Shopping Cart screen.

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If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact our sales support who will be glad to assist.