Using Your Aspose License

To find out how to apply a license, follow the appropriate link below.

Note: If you have bought Aspose.Total for .NET, Java, Android, SharePoint, Reporting Services or JasperReports then your license file will work with all .NET, Java, Android, SharePoint, Reporting Services or JasperReports products respectively.


License Class Conflict

Each Aspose product includes a License class. If you use more than one Aspose product in the same solution then you may get a naming conflict. To fix it, please specify the fully qualified name of the class when you use License.SetLicense method. For example, for .NET use Aspose.Words.License and for Java use com.aspose.words.License.

Protecting your License File

If you have purchased an OEM license you may distribute Aspose in your application to customers. This means the license file will be included with your application which poses a potential security risk that someone could find the license and copy or leak it to others. Embedding the license as an internal resource protects it to a degree, but the original file can still be retrieved from the deployment package. To protect your license file more securely you need to use encryption.

Once you have paid for a license file you will be able to access instructions to encrypt your license. Note you will be unable to access this page without a paid order.

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If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact our sales support who will be glad to assist.