Purchase Policies and FAQ

On this page you will find links to a number of our general policies and practices that answer your questions about how to evaluate, correctly license and purchase our products.

Aspose is different from most companies when it comes to how we sell software. We build incredible software that developers can try before buying. To do this, we rely on a slightly different sales model. Here’s what makes it different:

  • No pushy sales team.
  • Free 30-day fully functional evaluation install that include free sales and technical support.
  • Our vast documentation, examples hosted on Github and technical forums filled with thousands of questions and solutions.
  • One common End User License Agreement that covers all our download products, including those from our other ventures with product downloads.
  • Easy online quote and purchasing. Place an order and pay by credit card to receive your license file within minutes.


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  • License types - important information about our licenses and which one is right for you.
  • Metered licenses / Using Aspose within an SDK or API - explanation of Aspose licensing limitations and options when using Aspose products within a Development Library, SDK or API
  • Requesting a free evaluation license - information about how to get a risk free 30 day temporary license for evaluation purposes. We strongly encourage developers to download and try our products prior to purchasing
  • Purchasing a production license - the steps to take to purchase a production license
  • EULA - view the end user license agreement for our products
  • Software escrow - protect your investment by placing the source code for the products you have bought in escrow
  • Transfer license ownership - request to transfer the ownership of a purchased license within a company or to a different company
  • Product migration - what happens to your license if a feature of a product you own is moved to a different product
  • Using Your License - instructions for how to use your temporary or permanent Aspose license
Licensing FAQ
  1. Are Aspose licenses per user, or per named user?
  2. Do we need licensing for only active developers? For example, we have a team of two developers working on shift A and a second team of two developers working on shift B … in this situation do we need two or four licenses?
  3. Do we need a separate license for our Build / CI (Continuous Integration) Server?
  4. I’m a contractor who works with different companies on a project basis. I was licensed for a Aspose product on my last job. Does that mean that I can use it in my next job?
  5. What’s the difference between a license and a subscription?
  6. What’s the difference between a Small Business and an OEM license?
  7. Where can I find pricing information?
  8. Can two companies temporarily share a license agreement for a period of time?
  9. If my company purchases a Aspose for Java product, can part of the seats be converted to .NET?
  10. What does the term physical location refer to, with regards to licensing?
  11. We have a sizeable development team, but only one person using Aspose products. Do all developers need to be licensed or only the one working directly with the Aspose products?
  12. We have several developers working on a single project, but they are working in a distributed model. Can we still use a site license to properly license our team?
  13. What options do I have do purchase products as a bundle?
  14. Do you support all the features of a specific file format?
  15. There are five of us in the team, but we all work in different offices. What kind of license do we need?
  16. I work in our London offices but the solutions I create for my company are used in our New York and Paris offices. What license do I need?
  17. Can a developer’s license be reused if that developer leaves the company or is permanently reassigned to a different project?
  18. A new developer has joined the team, what steps must be taken to transfer the license to the developer’s new machine?
  19. Does a working from home (WFH) arrangement change the license type that is required?
  20. How does Metered Licensing work?
  • Subscriptions - general information about subscriptions which give you access to software updates, security fixes and new features.
  • Renewing a subscription - information about how and when to renew a subscription.
  • Support Options - All Aspose subscriptions come with free lifetime technical support, if you need more then click to head the Paid Support section to read about further support options
  • Renew your subscription automatically - how to ensure that you always have the latest version of your product.
  • Feature support - Learn about our feature support and how our products improve week by week.
  • Versions - how to tell what version of a product you have.
Subscription FAQ
  1. What do you mean by subscription?
  2. What’s the subscription expiry date?
  3. My subscription is about to expire. Am I still able to use the product?
  4. My subscription expires in December. My purchasing department would like to align all our payments and pay for a renewal in June. Would that mean that my new subscription expires in June next year?
  5. Do I get the same discount on the renewal that I received when I first purchased?
  6. I submitted an issue when I still had a valid subscription. By the time the fix came, my subscription had expired. Can I still apply the fix?
  7. I submitted an issue last week and my subscription will expire next week. Can you promise to have the fix ready before my subscription expires so that I can be sure to get it without having to extend the subscription?
  8. What happens if a product is discontinued?
  9. If I find a problem in a product, will you fix it?
  10. Can I make a feature request?
  11. Can you add a fix to an earlier version of the product that I am currently using?
  12. Can maintenance dates be synchronized for licenses purchased at different times?
  13. Can I renew only some products/licenses/years in my subscription?
  14. How do I sign up for the Auto-Renewal program for existing subscription/license?
  15. How will I know when a payment is made or how much was paid? Will I get an invoice?
  16. How do I change or update my payment details linked to Auto-Renewal?
  17. How long does Auto-Renewal continue?
  18. Who can I contact if I have difficulties with the Auto-Renewal program?
  19. What if I don’t have enough money in my account when the subscription needs to be renewed?
  20. Will I still receive a notification that my subscription is expiring and that you will charge my card?
  21. How do I cancel Auto-Renewal?
  22. Is there a maximum number of years of software maintenance I can purchase at a time?
  23. Can I add paid support part way into my subscription?
Upgrade, Discounts and Refunds
  • Upgrades explained - explanation of what Aspose considers an upgrade and how to order one to receive a discount.
  • Competitive upgrade - how to upgrade from a competitor’s product to a Aspose product.
  • Discounts - describes how we apply discounts and how you can request one.
  • Exchanges - in limited circumstances we will authorize an exchange from one product to another after purchase.
  • Refunds - we do everything we can to help you make the right decision before you buy to avoid refund requests.
  • Anti fraud measures - we protect ourselves from fraud by contacting the purchaser before releasing a licence if the transaction appears suspcious.
  • Taxes - explains issues related to tax such as W-9 form, VAT, GST, etc.
  • Australian customers - payment instructions specific for Australian customers including our ABN.
  • Paperless policy - Aspose acts responsibly where possible to avoid any negative environmental impact.
  • IBAN number - a description of IBAN, why Aspose does not have one and how to send payment via wire.
  • Export Regulations - Information about the self classification for EAR (Export Administration Regulation) and Australian Export Controls of Aspose products.
Licenses for Community Leaders and Reviewers